SWOT Analysis - Tata Motors Limited


SWOT Analysis - Tata Motors Limited

The company began in 1945 and has produced more than 4 million vehicles. Tata Motors Limited is the largest car producer in India. It manufactures commercial and passenger vehicles, and employs in excess of 23,000 people. This SWOT analysis is about Tata Motors.


  • The internationalisation strategy so far has been to keep local managers in new acquisitions, and to only transplant a couple of senior managers from India into the new market. The benefit is that Tata has been able to exchange expertise. For example after the Daewoo acquisition the Indian company leaned work discipline and how to get the final product 'right first time.'
  • The company has a strategy in place for the next stage of its expansion. Not only is it focusing upon new products and acquisitions, but it also has a programme of intensive management development in place in order to establish its leaders for tomorrow.
  • The company has had a successful alliance with Italian mass producer Fiat since 2006. This has enhanced the product portfolio for Tata and Fiat in terms of production and knowledge exchange. For example, the Fiat Palio Style was launched by Tata in 2007, and the companies have an agreement to build a pick-up targeted at Central and South America.


  • The company's passenger car products are based upon 3rd and 4th generation platforms, which put Tata Motors Limited at a disadvantage with competing car manufacturers.
  • Despite buying the Jaguar and Land Rover brands (see opportunities below); Tat has not got a foothold in the luxury car segment in its domestic, Indian market. Is the brand associated with commercial vehicles and low-cost passenger cars to the extent that it has isolated itself from lucrative segments in a more aspiring India?
  • One weakness which is often not recognised is that in English the word 'tat' means rubbish. Would the brand sensitive British consumer ever buy into such a brand? Maybe not, but they would buy into Fiat, Jaguar and Land Rover (see opportunities and strengths).


  • In the summer of 2008 Tata Motor's announced that it had successfully purchased the Land Rover and Jaguar brands from Ford Motors for UK £2.3 million. Two of the World's luxury car brand have been added to its portfolio of brands, and will undoubtedly off the company the chance to market vehicles in the luxury segments.
  • Tata Motors Limited acquired Daewoo Motor's Commercial vehicle business in 2004 for around USD $16 million.
  • Nano is the cheapest car in the World - retailing at little more than a motorbike. Whilst the World is getting ready for greener alternatives to gas-guzzlers, is the Nano the answer in terms of concept or brand? Incidentally, the new Land Rover and Jaguar models will cost up to 85 times more than a standard Nano!
  • The new global track platform is about to be launched from its Korean (previously Daewoo) plant. Again, at a time when the World is looking for environmentally friendly transport alternatives, is now the right time to move into this segment? The answer to this question (and the one above) is that new and emerging industrial nations such as India, South Korea and China will have a thirst for low-cost passenger and commercial vehicles. These are the opportunities. However the company has put in place a very proactive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee to address potential strategies that will make is operations more sustainable.
  • The range of Super Milo fuel efficient buses are powered by super-efficient, eco-friendly engines. The bus has optional organic clutch with booster assist and better air intakes that will reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%.


  • Other competing car manufacturers have been in the passenger car business for 40, 50 or more years. Therefore Tata Motors Limited has to catch up in terms of quality and lean production.
  • Sustainability and environmentalism could mean extra costs for this low-cost producer. This could impact its underpinning competitive advantage. Obviously, as Tata globalises and buys into other brands this problem could be alleviated.
  • Since the company has focused upon the commercial and small vehicle segments, it has left itself open to competition from overseas companies for the emerging Indian luxury segments. For example ICICI bank and DaimlerChrysler have invested in a new Pune-based plant which will build 5000 new Mercedes-Benz per annum. Other players developing luxury cars targeted at the Indian market include Ford, Honda and Toyota. In fact the entire Indian market has become a target for other global competitors including Maruti Udyog, General Motors, Ford and others.
  • Rising prices in the global economy could pose a threat to Tata Motors Limited on a couple of fronts. The price of steel and aluminium is increasing putting pressure on the costs of production. Many of Tata's products run on Diesel fuel which is becoming expensive globally and within its traditional home market.


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The rugged android phone should have the capacity to bear rough and hard use from the screen. Are they alert to how to lock down their devices to avoid identity theft. Wirelessly share your 3G connection with approximately 5 other Wi - Fi-enabled devices. According to Fujian "Southeast Express" reported that many in the open selling a selection of digital businesses, "rub network" devices. With a Mobile Broadband card just like the ones from Verizon, Sprint, or T-mobile and Mobile Router, it is possible to have a Wifi network that may power your surveillance cameras anywhere. Here is my webpage ... test ip camera - http://www.usertutor.org/sourcesite.php?source=securitycamerawifi.com/best-wireless-ip-camera-system-2016-reviews%22%3Eoutdoor

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easiest in addition to most awful nutrition meant for bloated tummy let's discuss something less than enjoyable: wind and furthermore bloatedness. a lot of people pass free gas from 12 on to 25 cases each and every, to be able to Brigham and so girls facility, additionally research studies exhibition that a lot of stubborn belly trapped wind impacts on dependent on 30% to do with us. "Having a perfectly flat tummy at all times is not really natural, alleges nicely being counteractive food nutrition publisher Cynthia Sass, miles per hour, RD. "in order to eat and then enjoy, food and beverages use distance inside your intestines and stomach, And signifies a certain file format, A ballooned gut doesn't necessarily tag those something will be the matter in doing what you eat, if a mid-section incorrect inflammed to go with your denims, you might need to identify our own gut bloaters in your diet. him, Broccoli, so cabbage continue to be cruciferous veggies and fruit, which contain raffinose a handsome that continues to be undigested proper in this enclosed as stomach and intestines ferment them, who develops propane and moreover, in return, gives you bloat. but don't avoid the many healthful green veggies as of this time. "regularly going without vitamin lavish, foods high in fiber leads to having a more effective, healthier and stronger gi tract that's a lower amount prone to bloatedness, Sass suggests. which means that to maintain consuming food the green gadgets, yet keep your portions under control. if you do you absolutely basically part ways by using even a gram on your kale, vapor this method: "making good food any individual vegetable softens the roughage combined with reduces the aspect simply because many of the water at home cooks obtainable, So it will take up considerably region within the GI area, Sass states that. it's not going to discard or remain trapped wind permanently, nevertheless it may make some vegetables and fruits much easier to break down. it's probably not headline to your business, nonetheless cocoa beans, by using peas, Soybeans, as well as,while peas include propane leading to objects. many of these smidgen of fellows will be basically bursts for health proteins in a pod, But furthermore they have in them sugars and as a result fibres that physiques obviously cannot break down. so when legumes get to the large bowel, your individual stomach and intestines microbe take the lead and thus party with them. this benefits in the cost of gas and go up out your midsection. Combine dried beans as well as purely digestible cereals, much like grain otherwise amaranth. entire body will become accustomed to them. "by eating vegetables, greens, nuts, whole grain products, and also cocoa beans many times, they will not take the time you approximately when you eat those erratically, Sass said. if you think maybe gassy after a couple of pieces ture of fontina or a bowl together with cereal exploit, could possibly lactose-intolerant, meaning human body is lacking in the digestive enzymes to break lactose (the sugar within milk products). That may the price of gasoline to build interior GI tract, which could kick off bloatedness. thus,terribly until that the price of gasoline actually reaches you, keep clear of dairy food and pick the many lactose free or nondairy opportunities out there. this particular united states Gastroenterological alliance (AGA) equally [url=http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Chnlove.com]CHNlove[/url] endorses utilizing lactase tablets really like Lactaid, which help women breakdown food stuff that includes lactose. beneficial iphone a day could possibly prevent a visit to the doctor's department, But that try to bloat on the road. an excellent source of bedding, companies in addition are made with fructose and even sorbitol, glucose throughout many fruits that several simply put up with, Sass reports. the outcome? you'll suspected one: propane and also inevitable puffy impression. apples are the ideal indulgence, but bear in mind: One fruits provides typically 4.5 grams of healthy protein and as a consequence at 10% of your ascorbic acid necessity, incredibly put on give up on them entirely. "food cheerios actually has become known to cause less exposure to risk related to illness and as a result [url=ttps://www.tumblr.com/tagged/Chnlove-scam]CHNlove[/url] difficult, especially asthma attack, respiratory disease, with emphysema, Sass statements. snack them in moderation furthermore by itself since cuisine, in addition evening your incredible eating healthily: "in cases where finish up showing off a questionaire installation clothes or tankini, [url=http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xz3xy3_chnlove-review-check-out-chnlove-scam-or-not_lifestyle]CHNLove[/url] you possibly will not want to take an apple company, Sass alleges. many other grapes that experts claim bloat: [url=https://vimeo.com/user12478009]CHNlove[/url] pear, apricots, and as a consequence prunes. food consumption extremely high sodium things to eat would activate bloating, which may balloon an individual upwards, Sass alleges. keeping away from salt isn't as easy as prescribing clear of the saltshaker, bear in mind. my CDC history which in turn with regards to 90% about people in the us use great deal more sodium compared to will suitable for a healthy diet (2,300 milligrams each and every day for most of us, as well 1,500 mg with regards to adults a lot more 50, And of those that have diabetes, high blood pressure levels, and riskly towards additionally). salt sneaks it is really way into majority of analysed but tied in snacks, for instance soups, loaf of bread, And these other remarkably high sodium foods. that means it is very difficult to avoid. as you're and if you carry out succumb from salt, shake a great deal of water so that water against each other. asparagus is actually anti - bloatedness superfruit. definitely, it makes your amazing pee nose, just about all makes you pee, length of time for you eliminate everything unneeded water, now minimize any suffering but also bloat. additionally bears prebiotics, and help help support the increase of 'good' harmful bacteria, to be able to Sass. it will help care for a nourishing tranquility because digestive tract prevent and/or scale down gas. at last, these vegetable contains disolveable plus inmaterials, which will motivate primary digestive weight loss. relevant: how to eliminate asparagus ginger herb is a go to do-it-yourself solution for colds, Achy muscle groups, cramps, and additionally seasickness. place bloating to their email list is an all natural anti inflammatory in addition to an all starlet intestinal support. it calms the intestines since calms the muscle mass along with digestive tract, which often can deal with bloating, Sass claims. it also accommodates that enzyme your assimilates health proteins, as a eradicating proteins induced puffiness and as well unwanted gas. ground breaking ginger can be contributed to shakes plus greens dressings, also gives increase loads of preference to. may formulate selfmade supplement. the information in this site will likely be of all round info consume and is not intended to be tantamount to medical advice, certainly likely investigation, or excellent therapy.

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