Out Of Home Media Set To Gain As 10 Million Britons Say They Plan To Buy Olympics Tickets

London to see a massive increase in population during Olympics

London tourism set for major boost during Games

London’s population will almost certainly swell by millions during the two weeks of the main Olympics in July and August 2012, as 10 million Britons say they plan to buy tickets for the Games.

Research by lifestyle and environments agency Kinetic Worldwide, suggests that the 6.6 million tickets for the main Olympics being made available to the public in the UK and European Union, could be massively over-subscribed with 20% of British adults saying they plan to buy tickets before the April 26th deadline.

With each applicant able to apply for a maximum of four tickets for major sports events and an average of six tickets across all events, the actual number of ticket requests could be 40 million or higher.

Meanwhile competition for tickets in the capital will be even fiercer, with 36% of Londoners saying they plan to buy tickets for the Games. Overall, just 23% of consumers feel tickets are too expensive.

A further 2.2 million tickets will be distributed through organisations associated with the staging of the Games or made available to sports fans outside the European Union.

Kinetic Worldwide’s study suggests Britons increasingly think the Olympics will be a positive event for the country and the capital.

The number of Londoners who say they are now excited about the Olympics has risen 10% since October to 51% and 40% of people from across the UK also say they are excited about the Games.

More than half of those Britons planning to visit the Olympics next year will do so not because they are keen sports fans, but because they consider it to be a once in a lifetime experience.

The majority of Britons (70%) think the London 2012 Olympics will deliver a boost to both the UK’s and London’s economy and 54% believe sports across the country will benefit. Although 59% still express concern about the cost of the Games, 39% believe the benefits will out-weight the cost of hosting the Olympics.

London’s economy set to benefit
The total number of visitors to London during the games could exceed the number of tickets sold, with free events staged outside of the Olympics Park such as the Marathon and Road Cycling events swelling numbers. Overall 41% of consumers said they would consider attending the Olympics and 34% said they would attend only free events.

The tourism and leisure industry across London and the south east could also see a significant increase in custom during the Games, with 45% of those planning to visit the Olympics saying they will visit other attractions while in London.

Consumers also appear to be positive about the ability of London’s infrastructure to manage with the Olympics. Just 18% say they’ve been put off from attending the events due to possible overcrowding in London; and only 10% think the capital’s public transport system will not cope with the extra passengers.

Gideon Adey, business development director at Kinetic said:
“The Olympics will be the perfect chance for advertisers to showcase their brands to an excited, engaged and active audience in both the capital and around the country. Our research suggests the level of anticipation and interest in attending the Games is growing and London will see a surge in visitors at the top end of expectations.”