Information Industry Outlook 2011: Looking for Revenue in All the Right Places

An annual tradition, our Outlook report provides our view of what's ahead for the information industry. Our theme for 2011 is "Looking for Revenue in All the Right Places," a twist on Waylon Jennings' song "Lookin’ for Love." Successful companies took calculated risks and exited 2009 with stronger market share, then transformed their businesses to create digital experiences to deliver and delight in 2010. Now, in 2011, they will be driving revenue (from whatever professional user groups, marketers, libraries, geographic regions, and consumers they serve today) while seeking new faces, new sources of revenue in market adjacencies, new geographies, innovative mobile applications that extend the brand, and the continued socialization of content. This report contains:

- Industry drivers and forecast data through 2013;

- Outsell's assessment of content software technologies that matter;

- Ten key trends that are shaping the information industry in 2011, and our 15 predictions;

- Outsell's "30 to Watch" – our annual list of innovators, disruptors, and companies that exemplify our theme of the year;

- Outsell's recommended actions for publishers and information providers.

Outsell's fact-based analysis is based on tracking over 7,000 firms in 12 information industry segments, and tracking spending by the three main industry funding sources: advertisers, enterprise users, and libraries. This offers an unparalleled perspective that crosses segments and helps publishers and information providers grow in a global, fast-paced digital environment.