Establishing research design and strategy

Based upon a well-defined approach from Step 2, a framework for the designing your marketing research design should be apparent.

Marketing research design is the most encompassing of all steps in the marketing research process, requiring the greatest amount of thought, time and expertise — and is the point at which those less experienced with market research will obtain assistance from an internal market research expert or perhaps partner with an external marketing research provider.

Since the intelligence eventually gained from the research is so closely related to the selected marketing research design, this is the single most import step in the research process and the step most vulnerable to common marketing research errors.

Marketing research design includes secondary information analysis, qualitative research, methodology selection, question measurement & scale selection, questionnaire design, sample design & size and determining data analysis to be used.

Elements of Marketing Research Design Include:

The Questionnaire Design Process

Measuring & Scaling

Sample Size Calculator

Basic Statistical Testing

Survey Questionnaire Examples