Business Start-Ups Competition

Marketest's experience helping start-ups, entrepreneurs and young businesses conducting online quantitative market research to answer vital questions about their target market, product or service launch combined with the growth of UK entrepreneurial spirit has led us to launch our very own enterprise competition.

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit, a new business idea? We want to hear from you!

More and more individuals are creating their own enterprise, thinking of innovative commercial ideas every day! Rather than searching for jobs, people are making their own!

Marketest's competition aims to stimulate and promote entrepreneurial initiative, to bring out business start-ups ideas and support the transition from the idea to the launching. Your idea doesn't have to fit into a box, no matter your target market, industry or service we want to hear about your business idea!

With target markets hard to predict, developing a great business plan is a vital step in beginning your start-up. Market research is an essential ingredient when developing this plan, both at the beginning of your project and in the future, it allows you to answer those unpredictable market questions! Is there a demand? What will consumers pay?

This exciting competition has benefits for all entrants and allows the winner a prize of a tailored market research survey and report worth £1,000!

Who can enter?
Anyone! Whether you are a student, pre-start-up, young business owner, or entrepreneur you can enter our competition!

What's the benefit?
- Entitled to tailored market research at a 15% discount rate for a period of 12 months.
- A 50% discount on every market research report bought for/by the entrepreneurs that you support

- Expertly tailored and personal market research report for your business plan worth £1000.
- Enhance your business plan's prospect with factual data.
- Enhance you credit and funding opportunities.
- Entitled to tailored market research at a 15% discount rate for a period of 12 months.
- A 50% discount on every market research report bought for/by the entrepreneurs that you support.
- Obtain an independent critical analysis of your business plan.


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