Advaith To Open New UK Office

Advaith, an Indian company providing research data collection solutions, announced to open its UK office on May 16th. At the helm will be Jonathan Sheldrake, who joins Advaith as sales director for Europe.

He will be responsible for all the sales activities in Europe and will provide strategic expertise for global sales initiatives.

Sheldrake has experience in healthcare, IT and automotive sectors having worked for specialist consultancies such as IDC and BIBA Medical.

This mirrors Advaith's specialist panels in these key sectors.

He most recently was sales director at Asian research company Pulse Group. Sheldrake speaks five European languages and hopes to replicate previous success in client development in France and Germany, these markets continue to show better growth than the UK.

The research firm's new UK office will act as a client development hub for Europe, while the company continues to provide data collection services throughout Asia-Pacific.

The Business Head of the company, Akshay Kanyal, said,
"We are extremely excited to launch our UK office, and I have strong confidence in Jonathan's leadership in continuing to expand our business throughout the European region."


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